Math and Programming Boot Camp

The primary purpose of the GATO365 Boot Camp is to expose young learners to various math and statistical concepts. This develops curiosity and grit within students to create a mindset and maturity within STEM fields. The secondary goal of the GATO365 Boot Camp is to get students excited about mathematics outside the traditional classroom.


  • Engage students in math using a series of modules

  • Students complete each module with full effort

  • Learners aim to get questions correct on modules

There is an option for the modules to be in Spanish

Outline of Process:

  1. Sign up students via a google survey

  2. Students will be placed into one of three groups

    a. Koalas

    b. Wombats

    c.  Kangaroos

  3. Students take pre-activity assessment that is used to determine group placement

  4. The Boot Camp consists of students completing a packet of 4 different modules over the course of 4 weeks

  5. The 4 modules cover the following areas: geometry/patterns, measurements/data, number sense/fractions, and counting/arithmetic

Weekly Process:

  1. An email is sent to the director of education on Monday morning with modules for each group

  2. Director prints the modules for the following groups: koalas, wombat, and kangaroo

  3. Director allows the students to work on modules during study hour

  4. Modules are scanned into a PDF format by the educational director on Friday afternoon and sent to GATO365

  5. GATO365 grades modules and performance reviews for each student are created

  6. Individual student reports and the following weeks modules are sent via email by Monday morning


At the end of the Boot Camp, students are eligible to win prizes

  • 16 Gold Stars – Certificate

  • GATO365 group party!!

  • Candy

Rules of the program:

  • No late work can be accepted due to the quick turnaround time

  • Answers should always be place in the box unless otherwise specified

  • Students must use a pen to answer questions

Benefits to your organization:

  • Individualized educational material for your organization’s students

  • Teach young students about deadlines and meeting goals

  • Measurable program outcomes you can show patrons of your organization


I have had the pleasure of partnering with Immanuel Williams two times for his math boot camps. Working with Immanuel has been a very rewarding experience for both myself and our club members here in Santa Cruz. During the math boot camps, Immanuel carefully put together math modules (worksheets) for each age group once a week for 4 weeks. Each set was perfectly tailored for the skill levels of our members, so that they were challenged yet still able to complete the modules. Once the club members turned in their completed packets, all I had to do was scan and send them to Immanuel for him to do all of the grading and recording. Once the math boot camp was complete, I was able to track the progress of each individual club member and see what topics members excelled at and where they needed improvement. In addition to his time, Immanuel generously donated money to help pay for prizes for our members to encourage our members to participate in the math modules. I would highly recommend working with Immanuel to anyone who wants to provide an enriching experience to club members.

Hayley Rizzi Education Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz

“Our Algebra Academy students were engaged from the first moment of the presentation! Immanuel has a gift for bringing in and commanding the attention of everyone in the room, especially these 8th graders (which is no easy feat!). The kids were rapt the entire time. Immanuel was able to share his work in a way that was not only interesting and instructional, but also highly engaging. He applied Statistics to real-life situations that the students could relate to. Immanuel Williams is one of the most captivating presenters our program has experienced, and I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him for any presentation! We will most definitely want to work with him again!”

Christy Z. Algebra Academy

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