Since 2014, GATO365 has been providing educational material to students of all ages. At the forefront of creating culturally relevant material, GATO365 is dedicated to student’s success.


Founder & CEO

Immanuel Williams, Ph.D.

Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Dr. Williams developed a curiosity for mathematics at an early age. During his graduate work at Rutgers University he began to understand that an aversion to mathematics starts at an early age for most learners. He devised that early educational interventions were needed to create a new generation of math loving students.


Create content that motivates and empowers students to rise above challenges and accomplish their goals. GATO365 will utilize advanced data science techniques to ensure student engagement and learning beyond the common core standards.

Work in our community

A top priority of GATO365 is to constantly work in the community. We accomplish this by partnering with local libraries to host book readings, working with students in the classroom, and creating math workshops for the Boys and Girls Club of America.


GATO365 Publications

Williams, I. J., & Williams, K. K. (2017). Using R Shiny to Enhance the Learning Experience of Confidence Intervals using National Basketball Association (NBA) Data. Teaching Statistics.

Williams, I. J., & Williams, K. K. (2016). Understanding Summary Statistics and Graphical Techniques to compare Michael Jordan versus Lebron James. Teaching Statistics.